Before the creation of WURC, a few geographically separated and small research groups in Sweden carried out most of the research on wood ultrastructure as a subsidiary part of their research activities. As a result of the establishment of WURC, the morphological and microscopical resources and knowledge at SLU, earlier mainly directed towards wood as a solid material and its biodegradation, was redirected for studies of wood and fibres for paper production. The specific competence and resources at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), CTH (Chalmers University of Technology) and STFI (the Swedish Pulp and Paper Institute) were made available for WURC by separate agreements with SLU. Thereby it has been possible to organise, in a proper way, the wood and fibre ultrastructure research in Sweden, which was earlier at low level and dispersed.

The WURC projects are integrated to a certain extent. Research is focused on spruce wood and spruce fibres since this wood species is of great importance for the Swedish pulp and paper industry.

The way WURC is organised promotes an integrated research co-operation between industry and academia. The industrial partners in WURC are directly involved in WURC's research. The research program was approved by the Board following thorough discussions with the Industrial Advisory Group. Furthermore, industrial laboratories are also engaged in WURC's research program by preparing research materials as well as performing analysis and characterisation of fibre materials. Research personnel coming from the industrial companies are active members of the Industrial Advisory Group, belong to various Project Groups and are Industrial mentors for some of the Ph.D students.

In this competence centre the best university and institute resources in wood fibre research in the country have been brought together, their research efforts concentrated, initially on spruce wood and spruce fibres, and a technological/scientific approach adopted for tackling the research tasks. This strategy shall improve the chances for successful research and scientific breakthroughs of the centre.


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