Concluded projects

IFP  Pulp 2000

   Fibre models
2    The Ultrastructure of wood fibre surfaces
4    Fibre chemistry: the ultrastructure of cellulose and hemicellulose
5    Fibre strength of pulp fibres
6    Ultrastructural modification of wood with respect to metal ions
7    Lignin and hemicellulose structures in wood
  8    Mechanical interactions between wood polymers and their orientation 
        in the wood structure

11   The super-molecular chemistry of the cell wall  

FP  Changes in fibre properties during processing
IFP  Effects of refining on wood fibre structure

Dislocations in wood fibres
12   Changes in pulp fibre ultrastructure during mechanical treatments and
       pulp drying  
20   Mechanical properties of hemicelluloses in fibre cell wall matrix
       Microbial degradation of pulp wood
 2    The Ultrastructure of wood fibre surfaces Part II
Ultrastructural studies of wood fibres with specific enzymes
10   Fibre cell wall biosynthesis 
15   Mechanical pulp fibres
30   Carbohydrate binding modules
25   Metals in wood
33   Post-harvest changes in wood
19   Fibre chemistry of supra-molecula rnanoaggregates
32   Characterization of lignin from surface cell wall layers
 1    Fibre models Part II
14   Molecular modelling

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