Project leader: Thomas Nilsson
Ph.D student: Jonas Brändström
Tel.: +46 18 67 10 00
Fax: +46 18 67 34 89

Fibre models


Aim: The aim of this study is to generate ultrastructural models for tracheid cell walls of Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst.) including data on chemical and physical properties.

Background: Earlier generated models are out of date and do not consider new research findings. Therefore they are partly inaccurate and at high resolution the structure of the cell is shown as a small undefined area in most models.

Project description: Literature studies and results generated within WURC by this and other projects should make it possible to generate integrated fibre models of spruce tracheids.
lnitially there will be a literature survey of wood anatomy with special focus on the tracheids in spruce xylem. After that data for macro-, micro- and ultrastructure will be collected, for example on tracheid dimensions, cell wall layers, microfibrillar orientation etc. In cases where information is lacking in the literature, TEM and SEM studies will be carried out. Data for ultrastructure may come from studies on conifer species, other than Norway spruce. Further on, there will be a survey to find software dealing with structure modelling. The first model generated will show the whole tracheid at low resolution. The first study will focus on the distribution of pits in tracheid walls. The data will be used for creating models for pit distribution. Thereafter more models should be generated at higher resolution and over smaller, well defined, areas. Since the other projects within WURC will contribute their results it should be possible to generate a model at very high resolution.

Project group:
Thomas Nilsson, SLU
Jonas Brändström, SLU
Stig Bardage, SLU
Geoffrey Daniel
Lennart Salmén, STFI.

Industrial mentors:
Inger Eriksson, SCA
Gunilla Söderstam, StoraEnso