Project leader: Tomas Larsson
Tel.: +46 8 676 70 00

Super-molecular chemistry of the fibre cell wall


Aim: To clarify mechanisms which govern changes in the super-molecular structure of cell wall polysaccharides during kraft pulping, and to give a knowledge background which expands the possibilities of the industry to optimise pulp production.

Background: We are studying the super-molecular structure of cellulose and hemicellulose using high resolution solid phase NMR. The project is based on earlier results in WURC project 4. These structural studies means that NMR signals from two non-equivalent, chemically accessible cellulose surfaces and one signal from a non-available cellulose surface, can be used to study surface reactivity and interchange between cellulose and other molecules. In the project, restructuring of cell wall polysaccharides and factors which governs this change will be studied during different pulping conditions.

Project group:
Tomas Larsson, STFI
Tommy Iversen, STFI
Kristina Wickholm, STFI
Ants Teder, KTH
Göran Gellerstedt, KTH
Geoffrey Daniel, SLU
Thomas Nilsson, SLU