Project leader: Stig Bardage
Tel.: +46 18 67 10 00
Fax: +46 18 67 34 89

Fibre models Part II

Aim: increase knowledge on the structure and ultrastructure odf wood and pulp fibres.

Project description: 3D modelling and reconstruction will be accelerated trough combined semi-automatic image analysis, CAD and visualisation. The project will concentrate in the following steps:

 1: Morphological 3D models   

  • Cell wall structure: S1, S2, S3.

  • Pits and cross-field regions.

  • Pulp fibre surfaces.

  • Structure of cellulosic macrofibrils and  interfibrillar spaces.

2: FEA of fibre mechanics

3: Visualisation projects

  • Compilation of results in CD-ROM presentations containing interactive 3D models.

  • Development of Internet based presentation of the results and findings containing interactive 3D models (limited to WURC partners).

3D modelling

Project group:
Stig Bardage
Geoffrey Daniel, SLU
Lennart Salmén, STFI
Leif Eriksson , UU
Lloyd Donaldson, Forest Research, NZ

Industrial mentors:
Inger Eriksson, SCA