Project leader: Lennart Salmén

Mechanical properties of hemicelluloses in fibre cell wall matrix 

Aim: To determine how structural and chemical factors of the hemicelluloses as well as its co-operation with lignin affects the elastic properties of the matrix cell wall material. With more reliable values of elastic properties of native hemicelluloses within the fiber cell wall matrix material of lignin and hemicelluloses, a better understanding of the role of the hemicelluloses can be obtained.

Background: The mechanical properties of the hemicelluloses in the wood fiber have been very sparsely studied. Even on dissolved hemicelluloses studies of mechanical properties are very limited, the only existing data being those of Cousins. In order to be able to model the fiber wall properties in the transverse direction the value of the hemicellulose stiffness must be better determined. The effect of water is also very important for the hemicellulose properties, therefore the moisture sorption behaviour for different hemicelluloses is needed to understand how the fiber wall properties are affected.

Project group:
The group consists of Lennart Salmén (project leader) and Anne-Mari Olsson,
STFI, Box 5604, 114 86 Stockholm, Sweden