Project leader: Ants Teder
Ph.D student: Ulrika Molin
Tel.: +46 8 790 60 00

Fibre strength of pulp fibres


Aim: The ultimate aim of this project is to deliver background knowledge to the redesign of chemical pulping processes in such a way that pulp fibres of higher strength can be obtained. The direct aim is to increase the knowledge on how conditions in the chemical pulping process affect the polymeric structure in the fibre wall and how these changes in turn affect the fibre strength.

Background: A vast knowledge has been collected on this subject over decades by pulp and paper scientists world-wide, but still large gaps remain. According to known essential factors such as: wood species, mechanical fibre damage, pulp yield and cellulose chain length (measured as pulp viscosity), pulps should be of equal strength, but in reality can differ greatly in strength.

Project description: As a first step eight different pulps will be produced from the same, carefully selected, wood sample according to processes that in previous studies have shown the strength anomalies mentioned above. The pulping will be carried out at two of our industrial partners. The pulps will be ODEDD bleached by a third industrial partner and tested by two additional partners regarding more "conventional" properties.

Project group:
Ants Teder, KTH
Göran Gellerstedt, KTH,
Ulrika Molin, KTH
Tommy Iversen, STFI
Lars Ödberg, STFI,
Thomas Nilsson, SLU
Geoffrey Daniel, SLU.

Industrial mentors:
Stefan Högman, Korsnäs
Ann Marklund, Modo
Sture Backlund, SCA
Frank Peng, StoraEnso
Martin Waubert de Puiseau, Södra