Project leader: Rune Simonson
Ph.D student: Annica Sundén, Hemsida
Tel.: +46 31 772 3102
Fax: +46 31 772 2995

Ultrastructural modification of wood with
respect to metal ions


Aim: The aim is to determine occurrence, localization and extractability of different metal ions in wood which has been treated in different ways with chemicals in aqueous solution.

Background: The content of inorganic materials in wood is relatively low 
(1%), but it is important for processes such as the production and bleaching of mechanical pulp, ECF- and TCF- bleaching of chemical pulp, and in preservative treatment of wood.

Project description: This project will involve analyses of the metal ion distribution in wood samples subjected to different metal-removing treatments to gain information on extractability and mode of chemical attachment for different metal ions.

Project group:
Rune Simonson, CTH
Harald Brelid, CTH
Annica Sundén, CTH
Ants Teder, KTH
Thomas Nilsson
Geoffrey Daniel, SLU

Industrial mentors:
Ann Marklund, MoDo
Jiri Basta, EKA
Per Larsson, Södra