Project leader: Lennart Salmén
Ph.D student: Margareta Ĺkerholm
Tel.: +46 8 676 70 00

Mechanical cooperation and orientation of wood polymers in the wood structure


Aim: The aim is to clarify to what extent the wood polymers hemicellulose, lignin and cellulose cooperate mechanically in the wood structure and how the polymers are affected by the pulp processes. This will increase the knowledge of the mechanical properties and open up possibilities for a better utilisation of the fibre.

Background: In order to better control the physical properties of wood fibres in different processes it is important to understand how the different wood polymers contribute to fibre properties. Through combination of optical spectroscopy with dynamic mechanical analysis called dynamic FTIR spectroscopy, it is possible to correlate the movement of the separate funtional groups with an applied stretching. The meaning is to apply this technique in studies of wood fibres in order to gather more knowledge about the structural organisation of wood polymers and the extent of cooperation between them.

Project group:
Lennart Salmén, STFI
Margaretha Ĺkerholm, STFI
Göran Gellerstedt, KTH